We are proud to be operational for over 7 years now. During this time we have been getting your valuable feedback which has encouraged us to keep enhancing this site for our children. On this page we intend to share some of this feedback from our subscribers. This will also help you make the best decision for your child. No names are mentioned for privacy reasons. If you wish to speak to any of our subscribers (current OR former) to hear their experience directly from them in their own words - Please feel free to contact us and we will be very happy to provide as many references as you want.

Most of our subscribers have been able to achieve what they aspired for.

This is what they think about our products:

• "I finally have some good use of my broadband connection. It is not just for chat, browsing internet and checking emails...."

• "I was not too keen initially when my wife mentioned this web-site, but now I thank my wife, she insisted on subscribing to this service, It greatly helped my daughter get into Selective School of her choice, now when I look back and think about this - only one thing emerges - this site is an absolute winner, they pioneered and are continually improving this service. All the graphical analysis, I only needed to pick the weak areas and work with my daughter, focus on them...very pleased with the results..."

• "Your web-site has helped ignite a new momentum in my son, now I never have to ask him to study, he has developed this habit and enjoys doing tests, enjoys learning new ways to solve problems, and of course, now I have to ask him to stop and have rest...."

• "The saving in my petrol bill alone is more then what I paid for the subscription, plus me and my son no longer have to undergo stress of traffic to go to a testing centre....I would like to recommend this site to every one."

• "My son did find a error or two in over 300 tests done by him so far. It showed me that my son is understanding/trying to actually read and solve all questions and not just guessing answers. When I spoke to staff at trialtests.com I was told that some of these errors are put in intentionally just like street directories have some fake streets, this prevents copycats to skim years of hard work for nothing...."

• "I do a lot of work-related travel. The fact that I get a email giving me an overview of the results and I can login from my work-place and look at the test results in detail, explain the difficult problems over the phone to my boy no matter where I am.... It is simply amazing. Highly recommended."

• "It took me some time to learn all the features of your site. Once I learned them all, it was a breeze to use. I like the focused learning feature whereby I can teach my child a topic at a time and you can practice questions from that topic. I also found graphical analysis very helpful."

• "I spent $7,000 and purchased a much hyped tutoring program, my child used the program initially but after 3 months he does not even know where the CD is, but now I have spent less than 5% of that money and my child enjoys the games and loves the challenging practice tests, he is using the system every day...."

• "Great, I very much liked the idea, I am no longer needed to rush back home early from my work, my son can practice a very good simulation of actual exam right from the comfort and safety of my study room...."

• "Games you have put in your educational games arcade alone are worth much more than what you are charging for subscription, I also like the quality of graphical images."

• "Great ideas implemented superbly, the educational games arcade is superb, now I do not have to worry about my child seeing/visiting all those unwelcome advertisements and sites. My son loves the educational games arcade it is really safe and is a lot of fun...."

• "My son loves playing chess and is a member of his school chess team, he can now practice and learn this game on your site, thanks for including this classic game free as part of my subscription...."

• "My son loves the Sudoku and Kakuro puzzles, he is a big fan of these puzzles, previously I spent 100s of dollars buying books on these, but not any more, that saving alone has paid for the subscription fees...."

• "I liked the background music in your games, the tunes are very inspiring and are 100% original, I never heard such music before, is there any way I can purchase these tunes?...."

• "I was unfortunate not to find this earlier...Great Games, learning while having fun, really great effort, keep it up."

• "I was skeptical about the games and thought they will be similar to many other web-sites offering free online games, but to my surprise I found NO ADVERTS on the games pages on this web-site, I no longer have to worry about my child getting to see any unwanted material...."

• "I like the word search and other word games, these word games have helped immensely improve my daughters vocabulary ...."

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