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No matter which examination is being attempted, the student should sit for as many trial tests offered by us as time permits before taking the actual examination. The format of each question is based on previous papers and the questions have been carefully designed by teaching experts to mirror the style and difficulty of the actual examinations.

It may appear to you that questions are more demanding than those that you are used to, but you should strive to understand the techniques involved in their solution. Do this diligently and you will go in to your examination confident and knowing that you will do well.

We are confident that will prove to be an invaluable tool and resource not only for you the student, but also for parents. Parents get the performance analysis and daily activity report of what their child did on our site, key indicators to identify weak areas or subject areas where your child need attention and improvement.

Students can feel confident by mastering one particular topic area in a subject at a time, before proceeding onto a complete trial test with all topics included. A great deal of emphasis has been placed on the increasingly important area of problem solving strategies for these exams.

Our test offerings can also be used by adults preparing for Public Service Entrance Examinations, Employment Assessments by Institutions like Banks, Police, Army, Navy and Air Force etc.

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