Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How many questions are there in your system?
Our team of experienced teachers are working since past 10 years to
build WORLDS LARGEST question bank of this type, questions designed and tailored for OC, Selective and Scholarship tests. At the time of first answering this FAQ there were 32,148 questions in our database/system. Please note that this number is growing every day (they are now 152,198). Seeing only makes us believe - subscribe to the product offerings and let your child benefit from this effort. Various subscription options are available for every product, now you can even take a single test, subscribe to a single subject, and subscribe for as long as you want, from a single test to a month to a year.

Are there any restrictions on number of tests that can be done?
In the interest of positive learning a registered subscriber is allowed only 1 test per subject per day. Therefore, if you subscribe for a month your child can do upto 31 tests of every subject in the product chosen. Please note that under no situation this will be relaxed or changed. We do not recommend putting undue pressure on your child in preparing for these exams.

If I subscribe for 1 month, when will my subscription end?
The subscription will end exactly after 1 month on the next date of next month, e,g, If you subscribed on 27th May 2007 for a month, it will end on 28th June 2007.

Why Should I get my child to do practice tests using your system?
OC placement tests, Selective Schools and Scholarship exams are highly competitive and getting through them successfully and confidently is equally difficult. By subscribing to our products you are giving your child an additional tool to build that required confidence before he goes to do actual exam. By doing practice tests regularly, your child will not only gain speed essential to do well in these exams, but will also develop a variety of problem solving skills. When you are helping your child with these trial tests, you will get a good idea and decide on any additional measures you should put in place to improve your child's skills, without putting undue pressure on him.

Do you give any discounts?
No, we do not give any discounts on our prices, please do not call us to ask for discounts.

What is the difference between your system and BOOKS available in stores?
A great deal of difference, books which are available in stores are typically written by 1 person and often don't get revised i.e., you are buying the same 20 year old content, on the other hand our system's contents are continuely updated (everyday), the contributions to our system comes from many subject matter experts not just 1 person. The updates to system becomes available to you immediately. These things are virtually impossible with paper books/e-Books.

Who should join OC Prep®?
Students who are aspiring to get admission in Opportunity Classes, Students in year 3 to make a good early start with their preparations and students in year 4 to be positively confident and ready for the exam which they will face. You should subscribe to this even if you are already going to a specialist coaching or a tutor. These practice tests will act as supplement and give you added exposure to be more confident. Students who are in year 4 now and want to start preparing for Selective or Scholarship exams may also join and continue building their skills even if they have already appeared in OC exam this year.

Who should join Selective Prep®?
Students who are aspiring to get admission in Selective Schools. Students who are appearing for independent schools scholarship exams. Students in year 5 to make a good early start with their preparations and students in year 6 to be positively confident and ready for the exam which they are going to face. You should subscribe to this even if you are already going to a specialist coaching or tutoring. These practice tests will act as supplement and give you added exposure to a variety of different problem solving skills.

Any other person who is preparing for an employment related aptitude test and wants to do well may also subscribe to this product. The contents of these trial papers are similar to questions asked in many employment screening tests.

How do I best use my subscription for my child?
The most effective way to teach your child is to be with your child or be available while your child is doing a practice test. This will ensure that the child has someone to turn to when he or she does not understand a question. When the child is confused you can help him. This will ensure that the child is learning and developing. The time it takes to do one test is only 30 minutes, we recommend you do at least one test of each subject every week with your child so that you get the best from your subscription.

What is the best time to subscribe for trial tests?

The earlier you start the better it is. This will give your child enough time to familiarize, learn and be confident with the styles of questions that may be asked in the actual examination. Do not subscribe at the eleventh hour before the actual exams as the results from the trial tests may demoralize your child. Start as early as you can and as we recommend practice regularly, regularity is very important as is your encouragement and support.

What is the best way to work out the correct answer?
Tests offered at this site are different from conventional practice tests. We recommend you to always have a pencil and paper handy to work out the solutions; this will also develop a habit in your child to work out the solutions before answering them in the actual tests.

I find some of the questions in the trial test to be extremely simple, what are the criteria for making the test papers?
Considerable research has been done to make a test paper that is a good balance of easy and hard questions. As is the case in most of the actual examinations, the papers contain a good mix of questions, simple questions are present to test the “high speed thinking abilities” of a student. If the student is good, he can gain time by solving these simple questions and is therefore able to spend more time on harder questions and do them correctly.

If I subscribe for OC-Prep® what is the use of my subscription after the tests are finished?
The tests might be finished but not the learning of your child. You have the option to continue to get your child to practice the good habit you have planted in him/her for the rest of the subscription period, or you can choose to switch from OC-prep to Selective-Prep®, the next milestone examination in your child’s life if you are serious about his/her education and want to give the best to you child.

I want to subscribe to your system, what is the safest and quickest way to do so?
On-line purchase is safest and quickest, you are able to get your account activated within minutes of your purchase as everything is automated. Purchase on phone takes upto 24 hrs and by snail mail may take upto 2 days from the date we receive your order form.

Does the system show difficulty level of questions?
Yes, System shows you relative difficulty of a question based on its contineous live monitoring. 100% being the hardest and 0% for the easy questions. A visual indicator showing all green means it is 0% and all red for 100% difficulty. This information is available in detailed result page of tests. This way you can also see how you performed on a question compared to others!

I subscribed to OC-prep, but now I want to change my subscription to Selective-prep. Is it possible?
Yes, you can change the product subscribed anytime; simply contact us, call us or send an e-mail.

How much does it cost to register?
Purchasing options for most products starts from as little as $15. This fee depends on the product and duration of subscription you choose. Please check individual product pages to see how much it will cost. Select "Buy Now" on the product details page and the drop down box on the next page tells you subscription pricing.

How do I get support?
With your subscription, you are entitled for free e-mail support. The e-mail address to contact is not mentioned on public part of site to minimize Spam attacks on us. When you subscribe, the account activation e-mail contains all the details about how to contact us for support or any questions you have.

Do I need to install anything on my computer (machine/ hard disk) to subscribe to trial tests program?
No, the product is a totally web based offering and you do not need to install anything at all on your computer, making it safe and secure, free from any possibility of viruses coming into your system. All the communication from our web server to your PC is in the form of HTML.

How can I secure my PC from increasing threats on Internet (and hackers)?
We recommend you always have an up to date virus checking software as well as a good FIREWALL. Firewall these days is very essential, some windows software comes with built in firewall. Please configure it to deny any outside systems connecting to your PC. This will ensure you that your PC is relatively safe from these threat and is not an easy catch for the hackers.

Can I use my login from a computer that is not mine?
Yes, you can sign in from any computer you like, such as from a school library or internet café if you like, however, please beware that you do not give your login id and password to others and this is not in your best interest.

What is an Activity report?
We e-mail parents every time there is an activity on your account, i.e. a test is taken; the report details the results so that you can focus on the weaker topics within a subject area that your child needs attention.

What is a free-trial?
You can register to take an almost fully functional trial of this web-based premium test practice system for key examinations, free of charge. If your child is preparing for OC tests, register for the OC-prep and take a feel of what we have to offer to improve your child’s chances in OC-tests. The free trial is different from the actual system only in certain areas, you will not be able to take focused learning tests with a free-trial registration and actual registration with payment only enables that feature. There are also some other features that are only available to subscribers such as activity reports etc.

One of the important component of some tests is creative writing, do you have anything for it?
Yes, Creative-Writing-Prep is now available and can be subscribed for improving creative writing skills.

If I subscribe to your site, will my child learn by practicing the tests by him-self?
Yes and no, it all depends on, at what level your child is, if he is pretty independent in learning and enjoys facing new challenges, yes, he will learn when he practices the test by him-self. However, most children in the Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 need some form of guidance, and if nothing, your presence, to give him moral support when he/she is taking the practice test. This makes it very important that you as a parent accompany him whilst your child is taking a practice test to help him when he is confused, it only takes 30 minutes to do one trial test and we recommend one test of a subject every week, requiring a maximum time of 1.5 hrs from you. Your presence will help accelerate his learning greatly.

I am already going to a specialist coaching institute for these examinations; do I still need to subscribe to
YES, even if you are going to an coaching institute, a subscription to this site will help you enormously, in more than one ways, it will add one more dimension to your preparations, strengthen you by practicing in test conditions, most students are good but need more time than the exam allows for, by practicing regularly you will perfect your skills and improve your chances considerably. Further as a registered subscriber you also get a feature which we call “Focused Learning” enabling you to practice only the questions from a topic you are currently learning. This will give you even wider exposure to subject topics.

I am already going to a specialist coaching institute for these examinations; do I stop going there if I subscribe to
NO, we will not recommend doing this, you should continue with your coaching as usual, subscription to this service will be an additional resource for you to better learn and be better prepared for the examinations.

Are there any other benefits by doing trial tests using your system?
Certainly there are lots of other benefits. You get more out of your Internet subscription (ADSL or broadband or dial up), rather than using it for just Internet surfing and e-mail etc. For parents - it means no more rushing home from work to take your child to a testing facility, giving you peace of mind. No more queuing in traffic, which means huge savings in time for both parents and children. Instead you and your child can better use this time (saved) in creative activities. No running around also means big saving in petrol (lot of money these days). Your child is able to practice in the comfort and security of own home. Some of our subscribers find the money and time saved far out weighs the cost of subscription!

What is "Educational Games Arcade"?
Our "Educational Games Arcade" is an unique collection of games which are fun, healthy, non-violant at the same time teaching one of the many skills required to do better in the exams. These games are enjoyed by the whole family. All the games in our arcade run directly in the browser and no downloads and installations are required. You can also use Wii to play these games, simply browse to our web-site using the "Internet Channel" of the console and login, open the games arcade pages and play.

How many games are in "Educational Games Arcade"?
Our "Educational Games Arcade" currently has over 121 educational games for your child.

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