OC-prep are trial tests for the Opportunity Class (OC) Placement Tests. These OC classes offer extra challenge for brighter or academically gifted students in Years 5 and 6. The OC Placement Tests are set to measure and discriminate ability at a very high level.

The OC: Placement Tests are really a way of assessing your potential for doing well in school. These tests are not IQ or intelligence tests. However, you need to be quite good at solving complex written problems to do well in these tests.

Two trial tests are being offered for this examination:


The OC-prep trial tests are made for these subjects based on the actual exam format. The actual test has two parts, each of 30 minutes duration with 35 questions. There is a 10 minute break in-between two parts of examination. Questions from English, Mathematics and General Ability are asked in both parts of the actual examination. The OC-prep trial tests are also 30 minutes long and have 35 questions.

Students requiring specific attention in a given subject area/topic can test and learn skills in that  particular subject area by choosing the topic in our innovative focused learning feature of the system or alternately they can choose all topics for a more comprehensive trial testing.

Our aim in preparing these trial tests has been to offer, to as many young people as possible, an opportunity to prepare for these examinations. For many of you, this may be your first formal examination. We think that practice with trial tests will overcome some of the uncertainties associated with such high level testing. Trial tests will also serve as a guide for parents/guardians who wish to help their child prepare. Some people believe that one cannot practice for these exams or that practice does not improve scores. However, our belief (proven by results) is that it does help to be familiar with the various types of questions asked and to have some practice in answering similar questions under test conditions. Certainly, we cannot predict what questions might be in the actual examination, but trial tests offered by us are ideal practice tests that aim to help you prepare better for the real examinations and boost your confidence.

Recently, OC placement tests have become even more competitive but you can only do your best. It is very important that you do not place undue pressure on yourself or on your children.

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