Refund And Cancellation Policy




In the history of our products so far we never had to process any refund, however, this policy exists in case you need it.

Money Back Guarantee

As we guarantee 100% satisfaction, therefore if for any reason, whatsoever, you are not satisfied with our products you may cancel your subscription within 7 days of buying them and get your money back less the card processing charges incurred by us. If you cancel the subscription after 7 days the usual refund and cancellation policy will apply as outlined below.

The money back guarantee is only for following products - OC-Prep®, Selective-Prep® and Creative Writing Prep™. It is applicatible only when you are purchasing these products for durations of 1 month or more.

Exclusion periods also apply to OC-Prep®, Selective-Prep® and Creative Writing Prep™, whereby during the exclusion period, which is, 15 days before the exam till the exam date usual refund and cancellation policy will apply to these products.

For example the OC exam in 2009 is on August 5th, therefore, from 20th July to 5th August 2009 for OC-Prep® usual refund and cancellation policy will apply on any purchase made of this product during this exclusion period, for the rest of the year if the refund/cancellation is requested within 7 days of purchase we will refund the full amount paid by you less any credit card processing fee that we pay to the bank. This will work the same way for Selective-Prep® and Creative-Writing-Prep™, exclusion periods for these are in March when the Selective exam happens.

For NL-Prep™ multiple set of papers usual refund and cancellation policy will apply. For Single tests OR set of papers purchased there is no refund once the test(s) has/have been taken.

If you have any doubts or questions regarding this policy and how it will work, we request you to please call us on 1300 768 404 and get your doubts cleared before making any purchase.


Cancellation will entitle you to a refund of fees as per the following formula.

If you are dissatisfied with our products or services, you can receive a partial refund of the subscription fee paid by you depending on when you request cancellation and what is the duration of your subscription. A one-off cancellation and refund processing fee of $30 applies. As a general rule, the money paid back to you will be:

Refund Amount = Subscription Fee Paid - ($30 + y X single tests fees)

where y is the number of tests already taken by you since joining. The single test fee depends on the product you have subscribed. This is illustrated further in the example below:

Issac subscribed to OC-prep for 1 year paying $399 and after doing 3 tests decided this product is not for him so applied for cancellation. As per above formula his his refund amount is calculated as under:

Refund = $399 - ($30 +3 X $13) = 399 - 69 = $330.

Thus you can buy the products even more confidently now.

If you do not like the products - It is always advised that you apply for cancellation as soon as possible. Please allow up to 7 days time for processing refunds and cleared fund showing back in your card statement.

We reserve the rights to update, change or modify this policy at any time without notice. Only the current refund and cancellation policy that is in force at the time of refund/cancellation application will apply.


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