Free Trial

If you are serious about your child's success in one of the first key examinations in their life, then take a few moments to evaluate our system for FREE right now, of course, with some limitations. Press continue below and create yourself a login id and password for evaluation, then take a test drive straight away.

The evaluation is time limited with some key features disabled. These features are, the ability to take tests for a subject topic using our innovative Focused Learning part of the system.

You will not be able to access games in our Educational Games Arcade.

History of all tests taken can not be seen whilst evaluating, only last test results can be looked at and revised.

Performance Analysis Graphs will not be accessible as a trial user.

Tips and Tricks can only be accessed by registered users of the system.

These features become available to you once you subscribe to the service.

Also while in the evaluation mode, the number of questions asked in a test and the time allowed is half of that which is normally available to a registered subscriber.

To continue to create a user id for the system with a time limited, feature limited login, press Continue and follow the instructions on the next page. 


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