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Internet is one of the greatest innovation of modern times. However, one of the biggest drawback associated with internet is piracy and plagiarism.

After working on content for many years, Trialtests.com was first registered and started on 14th May 2005.

The graphic animation on the left explains how some of these other web sites have built their content which took us many years to build before going live with it!

How would you feel when your child works hard, is intelligent and gifted but a place in Selective School or OC Class is awarded to someone who copied your child's answer sheet. Instead of your child this copycat gets a place. This is exactly how we feel when we see these copycats.

Should we waste our time and energy in chasing these crooks in court of law or keep on building this site and making it better by the day? We think that the second option is what we want to pursue. We will realise our dream of making this site the best educational resource for our children with your continued patronage.

Time and time again our valued customers have asked us about our relationship with other web sites which have popped up since the launch of Trialtests.com (since 2005).

Please note that we have no relation to any of these other web sites offering products or services similar to ours.


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